not for sale
not to the likes of you

"I’m a lithromantic asexual athiest."

"No, you’re a twat. You’ll save everyone a lot of time if you just say ‘I’m a twat.’ We’ll all get the gist and you’ll sound way smarter"

postllimit oh nevermind sorry i read a bit further and your opinion on the matter seems clear! sorry to have bothered youu

i like when you guys shame yourselves

Anonymous Your sarcasm warms my heart.

"i mean could your heart BE any warmer?" - Chandler from friends, the sarcastic one, ie me

pootyspank i want ya nut inside me dady :3

this is gross. you’re gross

flipnote Yeah i will trade froslass for this too

oh please tell me what else you “will” do.

Anonymous What urls do you have saved?

try to create a new blog and it give it a one word name. if tumblr says its taken, i have it

canyourpet Hey can I have your....... Fantastic personality?

pry it from my cold dead neurons

wi5i we r twins …

we’re not

adorkable-and-geeky You're kind of an asshole??

i didnt have to look past the description on your blog to determine you are horrible whiny coddled spoiled wretch of a human being.

daytonameths ur funny

thanks i guess?

Anonymous do you have the "god" url?

i am the god url

Anonymous Would it be possible to organise a swap for ur url. I'd proly be able to offer you a better 1 and I think that yours is a sort fit for me

please list me all of your better urls. please do it.

Anonymous woah hey

hey buddy

spoilful Fred is this u I know its u

hahaha i can never put anything over on you bob

net-neutrality I see you like to post questions that mention your url... are you interested in fighting for your freedom?


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