not for sale
not to the likes of you


I’m now the go to guy for internet sages. Bask in my wisdom, knowledge sluts.   

The state of being one whom drops science

Anonymous but i love you


"RIP internet. he was a bit of a prick but he knew about cool goats" - my tombstone

fries4slayer Your blog is hilarious and amazing!

ty steve buscemi

Anonymous When I watch the people in the apartment over the street from me I imagine loosing a goat into their kitchen

this one

squarter can i have your url?

what do you think?

k999 your url,i want it

you’re triggering me

Anonymous that's an amazing url you have there

my face is up here, creepazoid! *points at own face*

sperm-bank-robber i came here for the url and i regret nothing

you took time out of your day to say this. think about that

praying could i have your url please


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