not for sale
not to the likes of you

Anonymous I applaud you for not giving up your url to those stupid teen bloggers. All they want is followers and they just beg other people. I don't know why they have so many followers I guess there are a lot of pathetic people who subscribe to their shit.

your applause means so much to me

Anonymous You're really cool. sorry ppl keep asking for your url. Must be really annoying. Have a nice day :)

you should be sorry. its your fault

peep Do you have any urls saved you'd trade

no. im hording them, junglepussy

295 do people actually pay for your urls lmao

I made an extra 10G’s from url sales last year

ratchulous Followed for dat URL ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜

not following back for dat unironic use of the word โ€œfandomโ€ on your first page

Anonymous You better post funny shit because that is one amazing URL you have, my friend. With great power, comes great responsibility.

shut up, stupid

sageship How do you like my one word account? And how does it feel following the wisest man on the internet.

i dislike you

Anonymous To the likes of whom is this blog for sale too. I'll make a high cash offer

he typed anonymously whilst scratching his gut with cheeto stained finger tips and smugly laughing to himself, “I’ve won!” he thought. It took him hours to work up the nerve to send the message. 6 hours to be exact. 6 hours of fighting back the butterflies in his stomach. 6 hours of hemming and hawing until he finally pushed those butterflies down with a mighty click of the send button. “I’ve finally done it.”

whitegirlchan i hope u have a really nice week and smile a bunch

thanks boo

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